May 15th Dana Update

May 15th Dana Update
Posted on 05/14/2021

Current 5th Grade Parents to Respond to Math Letter by May 21th

 Our counseling office distributed a letter to 5th grade parents regarding math placement for 2021-22 during the month of April. The letter contained information unique to their child and directions for making placement recommendations. We would like to thank families who have already completed this task. The deadline for submitting parent requests has been extended to May 21st. Click this link to view a generic version of the parent letter.

Parents of 6th grade students do not need to complete this task at this time. Correia Middle school will provide additional information regarding 7th grade placement options for 2021-22 at a later date. Incoming 5th grade families do not need to complete this task because the San Diego Unified School District only offers one level of math in 5th grade. Click this link to learn more about our math program.

Dana Students Take District Assessments During Month of May

 The San Diego Unified School District has made the decision to not administer the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Math and Language Arts assessments during the 2020-21 school year. In their place all 5th and 6th grade students in SDUSD will be assessed using common district exams. We are expected to assess 98% of our students. Please see below for additional information:


Name of Assessment

Grade Level(s)

Estimated Total Test Time

Subject Area(s)

Testing Dates

FAST (Fast Track Reading)

5- 6

45 minutes


Now until May 27th

District Essential Math Indicators (DEMI) 

5- 6

30-40 minutes


May 17-18

Social Emotional Screener 

5 -6

25 minutes


May 25-26 

Social Emotional Learning Survey (SEL)

 The CORE Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Survey results will equip our educators, classroom teachers and District to strengthen students’ Academic & SEL competencies by understanding students’ needs. This SEL survey will assist our schools in understanding academic, wellness and social-emotional support needed for students in order to support their academic, career and life success. Data from SEL survey will support school site teams in nurturing a positive school climate that fosters positive and equitable environments for all. 

DEMI Math Assessment

The District Essential Mathematics Assessment (DEMI) is an asset-based, standards-aligned assessment that is designed to capture a window into students' developing multi-dimensional math understanding. It also includes a short math mindset survey. 

FAST Reading Assessment

FastTrack Reading is a computer adaptive, standards-aligned reading assessment combined with selected grade level skill tests that provide risk/skill level results and, for at-risk students, intervention suggestions/tracking.

5th and 6th Grade Parents To Take California Schools Parent Survey Prior To May 21st

 All 5th and 6th grade parents are encouraged to take the California Schools Parent Survey (CSPS) before May 21st. Please click this link to access the survey:

The CalSCHLS system was created by the California Department of Education (CDE) in 1997 to efficiently and cost-effectively provide school districts and their partner communities with quality local data which can be used to improve student academic performance and social-emotional, behavioral, and physical health of all youth. It assesses key indicators linked to success in school, career, and life. There are three parts to this survey:

  • California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) - Completed by 5th grade students in their English classroom on Thursday, May 20th

  • California School Staff Survey (CSSS) - taken by Dana Staff

  • California School Parent Survey (CSPS)

All three surveys were developed by WestEd with the help of Duerr Evaluation Resources and expert advisory committees of educators, researchers, and practitioners. The staff and parent surveys were added to address the needs of districts for data on school working conditions, parent involvement, and enable comparison of staff and parent perspectives to student self-reports. Follow this link for more information.

Parents of 5th grade students have the option to not have their child complete this survey. Parents requesting their child not take the survey should complete this online google form prior to Monday, May 17th. 6th grade families DO NOT need to complete this form because 6th grade students do not complete this survey.

Dana SSC/SGT Meeting May 26th

 Our next SSC/SGT meeting is scheduled for May 26th. Please click this link for more information. We will discuss the implementation of our Honors Program during this meeting.

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